Wondering Whether to Install a Solar Pool Heater or a Pool Heat Pump?

With our famous Australian summer in full swing and more warm weather to look forward to in the coming months, it’s natural to yearn for the comforts of a backyard swimming pool. While they are a staple of the Australian summer, swimming pools are only effective when installed with a high-quality pool heating system that regulates the water temperature for a comfortable and predictable experience each time. 

However, the decision between installing a traditional pool heat pump or an innovative solar pool heater is not easy, with both pool heating options offering a range of benefits. To make your decision easier, the experts at Solartech have detailed the pros and cons of the two pool heating options, bringing you a step closer to making your decision and capitalising on the great Australian summer!

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Solar Pool Heating 

Operating in a different manner from the traditional pool heat pumps that consume electricity, a solar pool heater utilises the potential of the sun. The heat present in rays of sunshine is circulated throughout the water of the pool to increase its temperature, filtering the water in your pool. 

Solar Pool Heater

Benefits of Solar Heating

Minimal Operating Costs

Rather than making use of the rising electricity costs that Australians are facing, a solar pool heater uses the sun, a free source of energy each time your pool requires heating. This allows for a drastic reduction in the ongoing costs encountered by the pool owner, relative to the continual electricity consumption required by pool heat pumps. 

Lower Upfront Costs

Despite a significant outlay being required to purchase and install a solar pool heater, these costs are far outweighed by those for installing a pool heat pump. For a standard-sized pool, a $3,800 outlay may be required for a solar pool heater, but when minimal ongoing costs are factored in, a solar pool heater makes for a cost-effective decision. 


Environmentally friendly products have never been more important, and a solar pool heater is significantly more eco-friendly than a pool heat pump. Making use of a renewable energy source and failing to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions created by excessive electricity use, solar heating systems make a great choice for the environmentally-conscious swimmer. 

Drawbacks of Solar Heating

Dependent On Weather Conditions

Despite the potential cost savings afforded by a solar heating system, it’s dependence upon favourable weather makes its consistent use difficult. While we do regularly experience several consecutive days of sunshine in large parts of Australia, some areas may be particularly sheltered and shaded, making sunshine less accessible and a solar pool heater less effective than it may be elsewhere. Always consider the environment your home is situated in when determining the system your pool is best suited to. 

A Large, Slower Heating System

The question pool owners really want the answer to is how long they need to wait until their pool is warm. Unfortunately, the reality is that solar heating systems do often take longer to heat a pool than a pool heat pump. With electricity being readily available and sunshine often being fleeting, pool heat pumps are recognised as a more reliable source of quick heating when compared to solar systems. 

Pool Heat Pump

The traditional form of swimming pool heating, a pool heat pump harnesses the power of electricity with a small heat fan that transfers heat from one location to another. A reliable and energy-efficient source of pool heating, these systems are backed by a rich history of successful use over a number of decades. 

Madimack Pool Heat Pump

Benefits of Pool Heat Pumps

Independent of Weather

A huge benefit of a pool heat pump is that it operates independently of the weather conditions you experience. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, you can take comfort in knowing your pool can be heated on a whim, allowing for more flexibility of use and freedom to enjoy your pool as often as you like. 

Quick, Year-Round Heating

There’s no hiding the fact that pools are expensive to equip with the right tools and to operate each year. As with any investment or purchase, it’s only natural to try and get the greatest value for money, and for a swimming pool, value comes in the form of extended use. Pool heat pumps make this a reality, extending your potential swimming season beyond the summer months. With the ability to increase your water temperature by 10 degrees, your swimming won’t be bound by favourable weather conditions, making the most of your signficistn financial investment. 

Drawbacks of Pool Heat Pumps

Higher Upfront Costs

While a pool heat pump does make for a more reliable and instantaneous heating system, these benefits do come at some cost. A pool heat pump is more expensive to purchase and install than a solar-reliant system, putting a hole in your pocket of up to $6000 for a standard-sized pool. Naturally, an extended swimming season and a heating system independent of the weather command a pretty penny, and may not be suited to the casual swimmer. 

Higher Running Costs

Unfortunately, the high financial costs of a pool heat pump don’t stop at purchase and installation, as regular servicing and maintenance are required to ensure it continues to operate successfully. Coupled with this is the constant energy consumption that may go unnoticed until you receive your quarterly energy bill and compare it to before you had a pool heat pump! High running costs are to be expected, and its important to remember this when choosing between the available pool heating options. 

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