Tips For Preparing Your Pool For This Summer

Lazy afternoons spent in backyard pools are an iconic part of the Australian summer and something we all look forward to. And as much as we’d love our pools to be ready to use as soon as those joyous yellow rays emerge, no one wants to jump into cold, algae-tinged water filled with leaves, bugs, and an improper volume of chlorine. 

To ensure that your pool maintains that crystal clear blue we all know and love, it’s important that you carry out a sound maintenance program. To make sure you and your family can enjoy a blissful dive into the deep end, the expert team at Solartech has compiled the following list of go-to tips to help you prepare your pool for this summer! 

Maintenance of Chemical Levels

We aren’t all scientists, so the thought of balancing Ph levels and dealing with lots of chemicals may sound daunting. However, it’s vital for both your pool’s aesthetic appeal and your family’s health that the chemicals within your pool are balanced before your pool is used this summer, as well as throughout its use in the summer.

Several different chemical levels must be tested in your pool, but the main chemical tests to be wary of and ensure you have knowledge of are Ph levels and chlorine. Effective in eliminating bacteria-creating pathogens, disinfecting water, and maintaining a fantastic blue hue, chlorine must be used to clean your pool water. However, it must be balanced alongside consideration of your pool’s Ph levels. 

While low Ph levels allow the chlorine to clean your pool more effectively, the water can become particularly corrosive and irritate swimmers’ eyes and skin. Low Ph levels also impair your pool’s overall functionality, reducing its durability and damaging equipment, such as your solar pool heater, swimming pool heater, and filtration system, among other vital equipment. 

However, high Ph levels will see your water become cloudy, and swimmers will again experience skin irritation, which isn’t exactly the hallmark of summer relaxation. To ensure your pool is chemically optimal this summer, and ensure investment in your pool solar panels and pool heat pump aren’t wasted, regularly check your pool water maintains a Ph level of between 7 and 7.6.  

Pool chemical testing

Create a Consistent Maintenance Schedule

The key to ensuring your pool is at its optimal levels throughout the summer is cleaning, checking your pool’s chemicals, and removing dirt and debris at regular intervals. While this sounds like hard work (and it is!), it’s vital you consistently carry out routine maintenance on your pool, as this is the most simple and effective way to ensure your pool is clean, safe, and enjoyable to swim in all summer long! 

  • Brushing

Regularly using a nylon-bristled pool brush to clear leaves and brush the surface of the pool is important in preventing the build-up of algae, removing any lingering dirt, and creating a satisfyingly smooth surface within your pool.  It’s a good idea to habitually turn on your pool heat pump when brushing, as this ensures all debris and dirt are sucked into the filter and out of the water and that you regularly check your pump is in good working condition. 

  • Check Your Equipment 

It’s important to regularly check your pool’s equipment is in good working condition, with your swimming pool heater and pool heat pump of particular importance. Emptying all filter and skimmer baskets and clearing them of debris developed over winter is essential, and lubricating all filter and pump covers is a good practice to ensure they function properly. Pay particular attention to your swimming pool pump, clearing its baskets and listening carefully for any distorting sounds. If your pump is no longer working, browse Solartech’s range of high-quality pool heat pumps to ensure you secure a functional and environmentally friendly pump for your pool. 

  • Water Levels

Once your pool has been thoroughly cleaned and dirt and debris have been removed, it’s likely that its water levels will have reduced. Your pool’s water levels will also fall throughout the summer as a result of evaporation, so it’s important to regularly top your pool up with extra water, aiming to reach mid-way up your skimmer box.

  • Regular Chemical Maintenance 

You must also ensure that you check the chemical levels of your pool at the beginning of the summer, and bi-weekly thereafter. While these steps are most important to do in summer when your pool is used more consistently, it’s a good idea to check your pool’s equipment in winter too, ensuring that damaged pool solar panels, for instance, do not create disappointment when the warmer weather arrives. However, if winter maintenance sounds tedious and without reward, why not install a pool heat pump rather than a solar pool heater to make year-round swimming a reality?

Swimming pool chemical tests

  • Shock Treatment

When your pool is being used heavily in the summer, you should use shock therapy each week, raising the chlorine level to ensure all algae, bacteria, and skin cells are oxidised, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool. 

Install a Solar Pool Blanket

While regular maintenance is crucial, you can minimise this maintenance by investing in a solar pool blanket. These effective pool covers ensure that your swimming pool heater is effective, trapping the heat generated beneath the surface whilst ensuring your pool is subject to minimal evaporation. 

Solartech offers a variety of pool blankets and rollers, with both the Daisy and Commerical varieties offering great heat retention, longevity and thermal efficiency. These high-quality products will help to simplify your maintenance processes and will ensure your heating system operates efficiently throughout the duration of its use. 

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