The Big 5 Benefits of Pool Heating

For many Australians, enjoying a  swim in their backyard pool is pivotal to of having an enjoyable summer. With a plethora of pool heating options readily available, the team at Solartech looks forward to assisting you in choosing which option is best for you. However, regardless of the pool heat pump or solar pool heating option you decide to use, the benefits of a warmer pool are within arm’s reach. 

A Longer Swimming Season

Solar pool heating is a hugely beneficial inclusion for your swimming pool as it affords you the opportunity to swim for a larger portion of the year. While we Australians are blessed with a warm climate that permits comfortable swimming for several months, a solar pool heating system allows for a pleasant swimming experience in cooler weather too. Solar heating systems are highly efficient in harnessing the potential of the strong UV rays we experience in Australia, and have the ability to heat a pool up to 10 degrees warmer than its temperature would otherwise have been. 

Longer Swimming Season

Reliability and Durability

While all pool heating options do require a fairly significant initial level of investment, these systems are typically very long-lasting and durable. Despite holding a number of parts, including solar panels and a variety of filters, solar pool heating systems are relatively simple to use, and a basic maintenance program can ensure it operates smoothly and efficiently for many years. At Solartech, we offer the highest quality solar panels that are produced from extremely durable polypropylene, and we use the most effective installation methods to ensure your investment remains in operation for an extended period. 

Variety of Options

Pool heating is also a fantastic investment as a wide variety of heating tools and equipment may be used to suit your individual desires, your pool’s requirements, and most importantly your budget. At Solartech, we specialise in the installation and maintenance of top-quality solar pool heating systems, but we also offer Daisy pool covers and rollers. These cost-effective implements provide huge heat retention benefits, prevent 97% of water evaporation from occurring, and minimise the maintenance demands you face by preventing leaves and other garden materials from entering your pool.

These blankets are a fantastic heating option that will stand the test of time thanks to their high-quality construction, making use of an ultra-strong and reliable bubble layer of polyethylene. When used in conjunction with a solar pool heating system or a pool heat pump, you’ll encounter these fantastic time and money-saving benefits. 

Cost-Effective Use

There’s no avoiding the fact that swimming pools are expensive to operate, so why not make the most of your investment and use your pool for as much of the year as possible? In a similar vein, if you were to invest in a top-quality computer or purchase a new car, would you use it for 5 months of the year and leave it dormant for 7 months of the year? 

It’s also worth considering the fact that when the time comes for you to sell your property, homes with inbuilt pool heating systems, and particularly solar pool heating systems, command a premium due to the great potential for family fun. Through the added enjoyment you will experience and the increase in your home’s resale value, the investment you make into a pool heating system will be returned in the long run. 

Promotes Health and Fitness

While the major benefits of pool heating systems are the cost-saving advantages and added enjoyment you’ll encounter, a less direct advantage you’ll experience is the promotion of health and fitness. It’s no secret that swimming is a particularly taxing aerobic activity that works each muscle of the body, and regular swimming is a fantastic way to maintain your fitness levels. In a similar way to the vastly popular home gyms that many of us enjoy, having a warm swimming pool conveniently located in your garden that is ready to use all year is a great incentive to exercise. 

Solar pool heating systems are extremely environmentally friendly, using far less electricity than a standard pool heat pump which is grid-connected and contributes directly to increases in greenhouse gas emissions. By instead opting for a variation of Solartech’s top-quality solar systems, you’ll be supporting the sustainability of the environment and the long-term health of the community. 

Health & Fitness

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