The Big 5 Benefits of Pool Heating

For many Australians, enjoying a  swim in their backyard pool is pivotal to of having an enjoyable summer. With a plethora of pool heating options readily available, the team at Solartech looks forward to assisting you in choosing which option is best for you. However, regardless of the pool heat pump or solar pool heating option you decide to use, the benefits of a warmer pool are within arm’s reach. 

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3 Benefits Of Solar Pool Heating

There are many options that are now readily available to heat a pool such as solar panel heaters, solar blankets for pools, and solar pool covers. Heating a pool using a solar system is beneficial as it can extend your swimming season so you can get more time out of the year using your pool.

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3 Ways To Warm Your Pool This Winter Season

As the days start to get colder leading up to winter, the last thing on your mind is swimming in your backyard pool. Although, with many heating options for your pool available, swimming does not have to be off the books altogether, allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round.

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Solar Pool Covers | Solartech Pool Heating Sydney

Solar Pool Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

Solar pool covers, also often referred to as solar pool blankets, are a purpose designed pool covering used to maintain warm pool water temperatures. A solar pool cover is a highly efficient means of heating your pool, with both environmental and economic benefits. Here at Solartech, we only use and recommend Daisy pool blankets and rollers, as we trust their effectiveness and quality.

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