Optimise Your Heat Pump's Performance

Efficiency is Key: Top 5 Ways to Optimise Your Heat Pump’s Performance

Pool heat pumps are among the most crucial pieces of equipment that a pool owner must operate. These heat pumps are invaluable in all pools because they allow us to enjoy a longer swimming season and a more pleasurable and warmer swimming experience. However, since they are costly to install and operate, you may be wondering how to use your heat pump efficiently, both in summer and winter.

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Solar Pool Heating

A Guide To Solar Pool Heating

Having grown to become Australia’s favourite form of pool heating, these systems have a huge range of advantages that will help you save money and get the most out of your pool. However, before you opt to install a quality solar pool heater, it’s important to have a sound understanding of these systems to make sure they’re the right solution for you. 

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Wondering Whether to Install a Solar Pool Heater or a Pool Heat Pump?

With our famous Australian summer in full swing and more warm weather to look forward to in the coming months, it’s natural to yearn for the comforts of a backyard swimming pool. While they are a staple of the Australian summer, swimming pools are only effective when installed with a high-quality pool heating system that regulates the water temperature for a comfortable and predictable experience each time. 

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The Big 5 Benefits of Pool Heating

For many Australians, enjoying a  swim in their backyard pool is pivotal to of having an enjoyable summer. With a plethora of pool heating options readily available, the team at Solartech looks forward to assisting you in choosing which option is best for you. However, regardless of the pool heat pump or solar pool heating option you decide to use, the benefits of a warmer pool are within arm’s reach. 

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Pool Heat Pump Vs Solar Pool Cover

If you are looking for the best way to heat your pool, Solartech has you covered. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the best pool heating option for you, such as the size and shape of your residential pool, alongside your pool heating goals, requirements and preferences.

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3 Benefits Of Solar Pool Heating

There are many options that are now readily available to heat a pool such as solar panel heaters, solar blankets for pools, and solar pool covers. Heating a pool using a solar system is beneficial as it can extend your swimming season so you can get more time out of the year using your pool.

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3 Ways To Warm Your Pool This Winter Season

As the days start to get colder leading up to winter, the last thing on your mind is swimming in your backyard pool. Although, with many heating options for your pool available, swimming does not have to be off the books altogether, allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round.

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How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Swimming Pool?

As Sydney’s most trusted solar panel heater provider, the most commonly asked question we get from both first-time solar pool pump buyers and homeowners who have had their heat pump pool heater for a while is how much does it cost to heat a swimming pool?

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Have Your Solar Panel Heaters Been Damaged in a Storm? Get Fast & Effective Repairs with Solartech!

Anyone who has lived in Sydney has likely experienced one of our recent ‘super-storm’ events with high winds and giant hailstones the size of tennis balls. As a result, Sydneysiders are well aware of how detrimental a storm can be to their property.

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7 Myths of Solar Pool Heating Busted

When shopping around for your first solar panel heater or solar pool pump, there is a lot of information thrown at you, and it can be overwhelming to decipher fact from fiction.

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