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Keeping your pool warm in the cooler months

Fortunately, swimming doesn’t need to be reserved for the warmer months only. With a solar pool heating system, you and your family can enjoy swimming in your pool even when the weather cools down.

What is a solar pool system?

A solar pool system uses the sun’s natural energy to heat the pool water, making this an environmentally friendly option. Pool water travels up to a series of solar panels that are installed on the roof of your home via a pool solar pump. The solar panels heat the water and return warm water to the pool. This process is repeated until all of the cold water in the pool has been warmed to a comfortable swimming temperature. For best results, a solar pool heating system should be used in conjunction with a solar blanket/ solar pool cover.

What is a solar blanket?

A solar blanket or solar pool cover is placed over your pool to help maintain the water temperature and stop heat from evaporating. Solar pool covers consist of bubbles that intensify the heat received from the sun. Solar blankets also help to keep pools clean and reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals lost through evaporation.

 How much longer can I swim beyond Summer?

Through using a solar pool system in conjunction with a solar pool cover, you and your family can enjoy swimming for 4-6 weeks before Summer begins, as well as after Summer. A solar pool system will typically heat the pool water by 5-8°C, providing that the conditions are favourable. Though, there are numerous factors that can impact the amount of heat generated, such as wind, which can result in the loss of heat through evaporation. Shade, roof pitch and the colour and material of your roof, can also impact the solar pool system’s ability to heat your pool. However, more solar panels can be added to counteract these issues.

What does a solar pool cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the pool, as a larger pool will need more solar panels to be effective. That said, environmental conditions and climate will also play a role in determining how many solar panels are necessary. Though generally, a solar pool heating system will cost $3,000-$7,000, with the possibility of systems for very large pools costing more.

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Solar Pool Covers | Solartech Pool Heating Sydney

Solar Pool Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

Solar pool covers, also often referred to as solar pool blankets, are a purpose designed pool covering used to maintain warm pool water temperatures. Pool blankets are a highly efficient means of heating your pool, with both environmental and economic benefits. Here at Solartech, only use and recommend Daisy pool blankets and rollers, as we trust their effectiveness and quality.

If you have specific solar pool heating questions, our friendly team is available to assist you in choosing the right solar pool heating solution for your pool. Additionally, the following is an outline of some common queries we hear customers ask when considering solar pool covers.

Do solar pool covers really work?

Solar pool covers are designed to transfer heat from the sun using small magnifying bubbles that provide solar heat to the pool water. Pool blankets also provide a lining over the water to prevent heat from escaping. By covering the water, evaporation is minimised which helps the water to retain its heat. Solar pool covers do really work, and can even be combined with solar pool heaters for even better results.

Additionally, installing a Solar blanket will also help to minimise the loss of cleaning chemicals through evaporation, as well as keep the water clean and free from bugs, leaves and debris.

Do solar pool covers go bubbles up or down?

One of the most commonly asked questions by those who purchase a solar pool cover, is whether the bubbles face upwards or downwards. For the solar pool cover to successfully transfer the sun’s heat into the pool water, the bubbles must face downwards. This is because the sun’s heat gets trapped inside the bubbles. If the bubbles are facing away from the water, they will not be able to transfer the heat into the water. If the bubbles are placed the wrong way up, the solar blanket will become damaged over time as the heat will deteriorate the bubbles, with the bubbles unable to release the heat stored within them.

Should I leave my solar pool cover on during the day?

For best results, put the solar pool cover on whenever the pool is not being used. During the day is the best time to gain heat from the sun within your solar blanket. But it is also beneficial to leave the solar blanket on at night, as this will significantly reduce evaporation and loss of heat.

How do you keep a solar pool cover from blowing off?

If the solar pool cover is well-fitted, with no edges ascending above the pool edges, it shouldn’t blow off in the wind. Wind will generally push down onto the cover, keeping it in place. That is unless the solar blanket is too big and extends over the sides of the pool, or the blanket is cut too small and doesn’t align with the perimeter of the pool. A incorrectly fitted solar blanket will allow air to pass underneath, lifting it from the pool.

For best results, ensure that there are no gaps in between the edge of the pool and the edge of the solar blanket, so that the wind is unable to lift up any edges and flow under the solar blanket. A well fitted blanket will also increase the overall effectiveness of your solar pool blanket.

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