Solar Pool Heating System

Solar Pool Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Solartech Pool Heating has been supplying Solar Pool Systems and Solar Pool Heat Pumps for more than 20 years. Below are some common questions that we get asked on a regular basis, in relation to Solar Pool Systems and their effectiveness:

What is a Solar Pool System?

A Solar Pool System harnesses the sun’s natural energy, using it to heat pool water in an environmentally friendly manner. Water is sent up to a series of Solar Panels that are installed onto the roof of a home via a Solar Pool Heat Pump. The Solar Panels, commonly installed on the roof of your home, heat the water and send back warm water into the pool. This is continually repeated, until all of the pool water has reached a comfortable level of warmth.

What does a Solar Pool cost?

The size of the pool will determine the cost of a Solar Pool System. This is due to the fact that larger pools require more Solar Panels for effective heating. Aside from pool size, there are a range of factors that contribute to the number of Solar Panels needed. Some of these factors include climate, environmental conditions, level of shade, roof pitch, roof colour and roof material. These factors will contribute to the amount of heat that is generated. For e.g high winds can cause loss of heat through evaporation. Typically though, the Solar Pool cost will be somewhere between $3,000 and $7,000, and possibly even more for very large pools.

How much warmer will the pool water be with a Solar Pool Heat Pump?

After installing a Solar Pool System, you and your family and friends will be able to enjoy a 5-8°C spike in water temperature. However, using a Solar Pool Cover/Solar Blanket in conjunction with a Solar Pool Heat Pump will help to retain warm water and minimise evaporation. 

Can I extend my swimming season with a Solar Pool System?

If using a Solar Pool System in conjunction with a Solar Pool Cover/Solar Blanket, it is likely that you’ll be able to extend your swimming season by 4-6 weeks before and after Summer.

 Is a Solar Pool System energy efficient?

A Solar Pool System is an efficient way to heat your pool, as it mostly uses the sun’s energy to heat the water. The Solar Pool Heat Pump requires the use of electricity to circulate the water, although the rest of the Solar Pool System is powered by solar energy. This greatly differs to gas pool heaters which utilise fossil fuels, and electric pool heaters which use resistors.

Solartech pool heating has been providing only the very best in Solar Pool Systems for over 20 years. Supplying and installing solar pool heating panels for clients nationwide. If you are looking for a solar pool heating company to provide comfortable pool temperatures year round, then don’t hesitate to contact solartech pool heating on (02) 9674 1900 or email us at

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