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Solar Pool Heat Pump

If you have been waiting all year for summer to arrive, so that you can enjoy your warm pool, you need to consider some Pool Heating Options and get comfortable pool temperatures year round.

There are two primary heating options for pools that will provide considerable comfort, and extend your swimming season by a number of months. These options are:

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating uses Solar panels, which are installed on the roof of your home, to heat the water from your pool. The cold pool water is pumped up to the collector tubes or panels and heated naturally by the sun. Because the roof of your house can easily exceed ambient summer temperatures, it is the perfect place to heat your pool water. The solar energy used for Solar Pool Heating is free, so the energy required to pump water up to the roof is the only persistent running cost. This makes Solar Pool Heating a very efficient and effective way to provide comfortable heat to your pool.

However, as Solar Pool Heating relies on the sun to provide the heat, it will not work as effectively in the cooler months. A Solar Pool heater will extend your swimming season but only by a couple of months either side of summer, when the heat from the sun is at its warmest.

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Pool Heat Pumps

If you are looking to enjoy a yearlong swimming season, then the best option is a Heat Pump. Unlike a Solar Pool Heater, a Pool Heat Pump draws heat from the air and releases it into the pool water. This is a very effective way to heat the water in your pool. However, even though Heat Pumps are energy efficient, they still do consume electricity and can therefore be more expensive to run than Solar Pool Heaters.

At Solartech Pool Heating we have tried and tested every Heat Pump on the market, and we find that Madimack Pool Heat Pumps are the best for Australian Pools. We only recommend Madimack Pool Heat Pumps to our clients. They are our Heat Pump Brand of choice because they are energy efficient, durable, built for harsh Australian conditions and use cutting edge components.

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Alternatively, if you are after the benefits of both Solar Pool Heating and a Pool Heat Pump, so that you can swim in comfort all year round, then we can install a Dual System. A Dual System Pool Heating Solution uses a Solar Pool Heater in conjunction with a Pool Heat Pump. Using this Pool Heating Solution will allow you to enjoy the low cost heating provided by the Solar Pool Heating in the summer months, and then revert to the Pool Heat Pump when the Solar Pool Heater is less effective.

If you are interested in extending your swimming season by several months each year, and you are Looking to Install Solar Heating or a Pool Heat Pump, then request a Free assessment from Solartech Pool Heating today!

Solartech Pool Heating has been providing only the very Best in Solar Pool Heating Systems for over 20 years. Supplying and Installing both Solar Pool Heating Panels and Heat Pumps, for clients nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Company in Sydney to provide comfortable pool temperatures year round, then don’t hesitate to contact Solartech Pool Heating for a Free Quotation on (02) 9674 1900 or email us at

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