Pool Heating Options | Which Is Best?

When searching for residential pool heating options, there are numerous factors to be noted to ensure optimum heat transference within your pool. Backyard pools come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. The perfect pool heating option can depend on its make, size and age, as well as your budget and lifestyle.

Here at Solartech, we want to ensure that all our customers receive the best pool heating option. So in saying that, we have unpacked the various pool heating options that we offer along with some benefits of each.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

If you are wishing to swim all year round, then a heat pump pool heater is the perfect pool heating option for you. Heat pump pool heaters have a fan that draws in a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one location to another. Since the heat that is used is readily available from the outdoors and is moved from one place to another, the heat pump pool heater uses less electricity. 

Here at Solartech, we offer a dual system of heat pumps where a solar pool heating system works in conjunction with the pool heat pump, making sure that your pool never gets too cold. We have tried and tested almost every heat pump pool heater that is available on the market and we can safely say that Madimack heat pumps are the best on the market. Madimack is 100% Australian-owned and is a leading specialist supplier of pool heat pumps in Sydney for domestic and commercial pool applications. Madimack heat pump pool heaters are lightweight, compact and very easy to install, making them the ideal option for new those with new pools or who are wanting to enhance the one they already have.

Swimming Pool Covers

Solar swimming pool covers are able to heat the water, whereas, other pool covers such as thermal and rigid pool covers retain heat but don’t actually warm the water. Not only can swimming pool covers retain the heat of the water, but they can also prevent water evaporation, saves energy and water, as well as keep the pool clean from debris. Swimming pool covers are vital to use as the insulation barrier between the pool and the atmosphere ensures that your pool stays warm and clean ready for swimming when you want.

Solartech only deals in Daisy Pool Covers. These are the most superior swimming pool covers on the market as they have Trademarked UltraDome+ technology, provide maximum heat retention and eliminates 97% of pool water evaporation. Daisy’s advanced UltraDome+ technology delivers the best in class thermal efficiency, unparalleled performance and longevity in blanket life. What’s great about these swimming pool covers is that they are built tough from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel to deliver years of trouble-free, reliable service and carry a 10-year pro-rata warranty.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating works in the same way as traditional, grid-connected pool pumps. However, the main difference between the two is that solar pool heating harness power from the sun, not your household electricity, to circulate and filter the water in your pool. Since your solar pool heating is not grid-connected, you don’t have to worry about paying for electricity to power it. What’s great about solar pool heating is that they are environmentally friendly as solar power is a renewable form of energy, releasing zero carbon emissions.

Before solar pool heating were another heating option, rubber matting systems were only available. Whilst they were cheaper, they were not built to last as the rubbed would wear down and cockatoos would attack the systems ultimately tearing the rubber apart. 

Solartech uses only top-quality panels that are manufactured in the USA. Our panels are built to last. What makes our panels suitable for the Australian climate is that they are made of polypropylene, a far stronger and far longer-lasting material.

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At Solartech Pool Heating, we have sold and serviced professional pool heating systems in Sydney for over 20 years. We supply and install Solar Pool Heating systems for customers nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Solution or want to learn more about extending your swimming season, then get in contact with our friendly team for a FREE Quote on (02) 9674 1900 or via email at sales@solartech.net.au.

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