Why A Pool Heat Pump?

If you are looking at heating your pool in Sydney, there are a few things you need to consider before making a choice on a heating option. If you are looking to swim all year round, then a pool heat pump would be a superior option to a Solar Pool Heating System. We also do Dual Systems meaning a Solar Pool Heating System that works in conjunction with pool heat pumps – making sure your pool never gets too cold!

If you would like some more information regarding the different options or need some help working out which one is for you, then please call us on 02 9674 1900, and we’d be more than happy to help, no strings attached!

Madimack Pool Heat Pump

Solartech Pool Heating Australia has tried and tested nearly every heat pump on the market. We can safely say that Madimack Heat Pumps are the best on the market here in Sydney to the point we will not use another brand.

There is no pool too big or too small for a Madimack Pump.

Madimack is 100% Australian owned and is a leading specialist supplier of pool heat pumps in Sydney for domestic and commercial pool applications.

Madimack heat pumps include a titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year guarantee combined with a corrosion-resistant evaporator coil for the most durable heat exchanger combination in the industry.

These products are also TüV certified to give you peace of mind. The TüV Rheinland testing body is an international service group of engineers and product testers. It establishes international standards that can be used as a base of comparison for these products that are used to satisfy their performance and quality and encourages manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their equipment.

Carried out on a voluntary basis, these certification programs test equipment at random conditions and confirm that it performs as advertised. In addition, Madimack heat pumps are lightweight, compact and very easy to install, making them ideal for new pools or enhancing the one you already have.

What Makes Madimack Stand Out?

  • Up to 25 years warranty
  • TüV Rheinland tested
  • Highest efficiency
  • WiFi as standard
  • Patented quietest unit
  • Full inverter technology
  • Touchscreen easy to use controller
  • Night Mode
  • Built-in flow switch
  • Automatic defrost
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Reverse fan for quieter operation Compatible with Solar PVR32
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Electronic expansion valve

For more information on Madimack – Check Out the Madimack Website