Pool Heat Pump Vs Solar Pool Cover

If you are looking for the best way to heat your pool, Solartech has you covered. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the best pool heating option for you, such as the size and shape of your residential pool, alongside your pool heating goals, requirements and preferences.

At Solartech we have been providing pool heating options for over 20 years and are one of Australia’s most educated and experienced pool heating companies. Our team has compiled information about two of the most common pool heating options, a pool heat pump and a solar pool cover, along with some of their main benefits to help make the decision about the best pool heating option for your pool and your needs!

What is a pool heat pump?

A pool heat pump is a beneficial way to heat your pool that will give you year round results and is one of the most environmentally friendly options due to the minimal amount of electricity they require to run. Energy is drawn in from outside using a small fan which transfers heat from one location to another, by using a heat exchange system. The heated water from this process is then transferred back into your pool, heating up the temperature of your pool.

What are the benefits of pool heat pumps?

If you are searching for a pool heat pump that uses minimal electricity, a pool heat pump may be the best option for you. A pool heat pump uses minimal electricity due to the technology it utilises when moving from one location to another. 

At Solartech, we work with Madimack pool heat pumps. The benefits of Madimack is that they are an Australian-owned brand that is made to specifically suit Australian climates, for temperatures as low as -10 degrees celsius. Madimack pool heat pumps have several features such as being lightweight, easy to install and compact for storage purposes. A Madimack pool heat pump is reliable as it features an extremely durable heat exchanger combination in the industry as it features a corrosion-resistant evaporator coil. Madimack pool heat pumps are ideal for both residential or commercial pools, and are a great addition for a new pool!

What is a solar pool cover?

Due to the nature of the solar technology used in a solar pool cover (trademarked UltraDome+ Technology), the solar pool cover assists in heating the water of your pool during warmer months alongside the added benefits of a general pool cover. A pool cover will also act as a barrier between the external environment and the water as well as retain any original heat.

A solar pool cover is often used alongside a pool heat pump for optimal results. A heat pump and pool cover work well simultaneously as the cover works as a way to retain heat, ensuring your pool heat pump does not need to work as hard. 

What are the benefits of a solar pool cover?

The main purpose and benefit of a solar pool cover is to assist in heating either a residential or commercial pool during warmer months of the year. Although, a pool cover provides other benefits such as preventing debris from entering the pool, limiting water evaporation and saving water and energy. 

At Solartech, we stock Daisy Pool Covers which utilise a trademarked UltraDome+ Technology. This technology ensures the solar pool cover provides results such as providing maximum heat retention and eliminates 97% of water evaporation from the pool. 

Our talented team of professionals at Solartech uses a shaping approach for Daisy Pool Covers which ensures the polyethylene bubble layer is assembled in a way to create the ideal thickness profile. This process ensures your solar pool cover produces high strength and longevity for heating your pool in the cooler winter months!

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