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Most Effective Pool Heating Options

Are you tired of always dreading that first step into the pool, even if it is a boiling hot day? It is frustrating to have such a nice pool, only to find it’s too chilly to enjoy for the majority of the year. That’s why Solartech is here to help. There is a wide variety of pool heating options that will keep your pool warm, no matter the season, allowing you to extend your swimming season and get the most out of your pool.

In this article, we will explore the 3 most effective pool heating options including eco-friendly options, such as pool heating pumps and solar heating systems, to ensure you can enjoy your pool throughout the year. We will inspect the pros and cons of each option to ensure you have all of the information you need to make a decision that best suits you and your needs. So, let’s dive in. 

Solar Pool Heaters 

Are you looking for an eco-friendly pool heating solution? If you are, a solar pool heating system may be one of the best pool heating options for you. Solar pool heating systems utilise the heat from the sun to increase the temperature of your pool water. 

There are numerous benefits of utilising solar pool heaters for your pool including the benefit of being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Solar pool heaters are cost-effective in relation to both upfront costs and maintenance costs over time. As we are aware, unfortunately, electricity prices have seen a major increase in Australia recently. Solar pool heaters are a cost-effective pool heating option as they do not require electricity – therefore not hiking up your electricity bill!

As well as this, there has been a slight delay in accessing solar pool heaters, although there is one upfront cost of purchasing panels, and from here there are minimal ongoing costs.

Heat Pumps 

A pool heat pump is an alternate option to effectively heating your pool and getting the most out of your swimming season. A heat pump utilises electricity and a small heat fan which works to transfer heat from one location to another. What makes heat pumps so popular is their reliability and effectiveness to heat a pool year-round. 

For most people, the major benefit of heat pumps is the ability to effectively warm your pool year-round, independent of the weather. This is a great advantage and a definite way to know that your pool will be warm enough to enjoy year-round. Another major benefit of heat pumps is that they are quickly able to heat your pool by up to 10 degrees, allowing you to save on electricity costs with limited usage. 

Pool Blankets

An increased amount of wind is a quick way to lose the warmth of your pool – which nobody likes! This is because as wind reaches the surface of your water, it often creates waves and ripples which increase surface area and cause a greater amount of heat loss through the increase in evaporation. If you are utilising another pool heating option such as a heat pump, ensuring your pool receives the least amount of wind possible will ensure you receive the best results and don’t spend too much money on electricity in the meantime. 

Utilising a pool blanket is an effective way to limit the amount of wind that your pool is subject to, therefore ensuring the heat in your pool is preserved. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy a warmer pool whilst also prioritising energy efficiency and lowering your costs. 

Top Tips To Consider

Now that we have covered the top 3 pool heating options, you may be wondering, is there anything else I can be doing to extend my swimming season? Luckily, there are some tips to consider alongside your chosen pool heating options to receive the best results possible. 

  • When to run your pool pump

It may be beneficial to consider running your pool heat pump when the weather is warmer to get quicker and longer-lasting results. You generally receive the best results when your filtration system controls have been set up to operate when the sun is at its peak during the day. 

  • Your needs

When selecting the best pool heater for you, it is important that you consider your needs and budget in the decision-making process. It is important to consider the initial costs of your pool heating option as well as long-term costs to ensure your option is best suited to your budget. 

Heat Pump Tips

Are You Interested In Installing A Solar Pool Heater or Pool Pump?

If you’re considering installing a solar pool heater or a pool pump, reach out to the friendly team at Solartech Pool Heating Australia. With many years of experience installing a wide range of pool heating solutions, you can rely on us for a quality installation process. We’ll always be happy to answer your questions and offer you personalised advice to make sure you receive the best system that meets your needs. If you’d like to install a solar pool heating system or pool heating pump today, contact us today at (02) 9674 1900.

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