Madimack Pool Heat Pump Range

Solartech Pool Heating Australia has tried and tested nearly every heat pump on the market. We can safely say that Madimack Heat Pump Pool Heaters are the best on the market here in Sydney to the point we will not use another brand.

There is no pool too big or too small for a Madimack Pump.

Madimack is 100% Australian-owned and is a leading specialist supplier of heat pump pool heaters in Sydney for domestic and commercial pool applications.

Madimack heat pump pool heaters include a titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year guarantee combined with a corrosion-resistant evaporator coil for the most durable heat exchanger combination in the industry.

These products are also TüV certified to give you peace of mind. The TüV Rheinland testing body is an international service group of engineers and product testers. It establishes international standards that can be used as a base of comparison for these products that are used to satisfy their performance and quality and encourages manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their equipment.

Carried out on a voluntary basis, these certification programs test equipment at random conditions and confirm that it performs as advertised. In addition, Madimack heat pumps are lightweight, compact and very easy to install, making them ideal for new pools or enhancing the one you already have.

The Eco – The Best Energy-Efficient and Economical Pool Heat Pump

Built with efficiency and simplicity in mind, the quiet, long-lasting, and easy to use Eco is perfect for energy-conscious minds. With low energy and night-time mode, it means efficiency can be increased by up to 20%, and with WiFi as standard, you can change your pool temperature and timers from wherever you are. State of the art anticorrosion ABS casing means you can be sure your pool stays warm season after season no matter where you live. This electric pool heat pump series is ideal for homeowners focused on minimising their utility bills or recreational pool and spa owners.


    • Extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P of 8
    • Inverter compressor and fan
    • Six models up to 24 kW in single phase
    • Quieter than on/off technology
    • Anti-corrosion ABS casing
    • Easy to use controller
    • Slim design
    • Wi-Fi as standard
    • Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
    • Two-year extended warranty
    • Front discharge air outlet
    • Reverse cycle defrost down to -15˚C
    • Built-in flow switch and safety devices
    • Newest most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
    • TüV Rheinland certified
    • Up to 40 degrees setpoint temperature

The Elite V3 – The Ultimate Advanced Pool Heat Pump

The Elite V3 has been redesigned from the ground up to bring a revolutionised pool heating system to the Australian market. The unit delivers better airflow, higher efficiency, quieter operation, and performance in conjunction with the newest inverter technology. The revolutionary unit design redirects airflow to dramatically reduce spatial requirements, providing space-saving options for Australian backyards. Engineered with durability in mind, the Elite V3 operates at optimal levels even in the most corrosive and erosive environments – achieving a massive 31.8kW in a single phase. The Elite V3 sets the standard for all other heaters.


      • Revolutionary design that redirects airflow to dramatically reduce spatial requirements
      • Extremely energy efficient with a COP of up to 16.4 Full inverter stepless compressor and fan
      • Sleek design
      • Six models up to 31.8kW in single phase
      • Three phase 40kW model
      • Patented silent design
      • Marine grade anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing Signature diamond touch screen and intuitive display
      • WiFi with smart functions
      • Market leading 10 year compressor warranty
      • Newest most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
      • Three coil evaporator for a more compact unit size TüV Rheinland certified
      • Up to 40 degrees set point temperature
      • Industry first centrifugal fan
      • Advanced cold air performance
      • Highest performing single phase unit

The Eclipse – The Best Inverter Pool Heat Pump for Small Spaces

Eclipse swimming pool heater range is designed and engineered to meet the highest requirements for both cooling and heating options. It comes with a host of features, including full inverter compressor and top discharge fans for a streamlined, efficient airflow. This series of electric pool heat pumps provide commercial-grade heating and cooling for your backyard pool!


      • Extremely energy efficient with an average C.O.P of 10
      • Full inverter compressor and fan
      • Titanium heat exchanger with a 25-year warranty
      • Four-year extended warranty
      • Automatic defrost function
      • Built-in flow switch and safety devices
      • High-quality anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing
      • Wi-Fi as standard
      • Cooling and heating
      • Top discharge air outlet
      • Built-in flow switch and safety devices
      • Newest most eco-friendly R32 Refrigerant
      • Enables more options to fit in space
      • Easy to use controller
      • 3 models up to 26 kW single-phase
      • High-quality anti-corrosion aluminium alloy casing

Elite Max – The Best Commercial Pool Heat Pump

These powerful commercial pool heaters can cope with the demands of any aquatic facility. Built with cutting edge technology and adaptive climate features, the Madimack’s commercial heat pump keeps up all year-round whilst reducing energy bills significantly. Ideal for schools, resorts, wellness centres, hotels, public pools and any large-scale properties in between.


      • Bespoke system designs
      • Energy modelling
      • Full HVAC system
      • Heat recovery
      • Dehumidification
      • Ventilation controls
      • Integrated energy systems
      • Servicing and maintenance
      • Portable hot water generation
      • Smart controls