Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Keeping your pool warm in the cooler months

Fortunately, swimming doesn’t need to be reserved for the warmer months only. With a solar pool heating system, you and your family can enjoy swimming in your pool even when the weather cools down.

What is a solar pool system?

A solar pool system uses the sun’s natural energy to heat the pool water, making this an environmentally friendly option. Pool water travels up to a series of solar panels that are installed on the roof of your home via a pool solar pump. The solar panels heat the water and return warm water to the pool. This process is repeated until all of the cold water in the pool has been warmed to a comfortable swimming temperature. For best results, a solar pool heating system should be used in conjunction with a solar blanket/ solar pool cover.

What is a solar blanket?

A solar blanket or solar pool cover is placed over your pool to help maintain the water temperature and stop heat from evaporating. Solar pool covers consist of bubbles that intensify the heat received from the sun. Solar blankets also help to keep pools clean and reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals lost through evaporation.

 How much longer can I swim beyond Summer?

Through using a solar pool system in conjunction with a solar pool cover, you and your family can enjoy swimming for 4-6 weeks before Summer begins, as well as after Summer. A solar pool system will typically heat the pool water by 5-8°C, providing that the conditions are favourable. Though, there are numerous factors that can impact the amount of heat generated, such as wind, which can result in the loss of heat through evaporation. Shade, roof pitch and the colour and material of your roof, can also impact the solar pool system’s ability to heat your pool. However, more solar panels can be added to counteract these issues.

What does a solar pool cost?

Pricing depends on the size of the pool, as a larger pool will need more solar panels to be effective. That said, environmental conditions and climate will also play a role in determining how many solar panels are necessary. Though generally, a solar pool heating system will cost $3,000-$7,000, with the possibility of systems for very large pools costing more.

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