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Is solar pool heating expensive?

Every Australian family dreams of enjoying their pool in both the warmer and cooler months of the year. However, with installation and running costs of pool heating, you may assume that it isn’t achievable. It is true that there are setup and running costs to consider but solar pool heating is a solution which can make swimming a reality throughout the majority of the year.

Surprisingly solar power is actually an inexpensive way of heating your pool, and can dramatically decrease overall running costs when compared to other heating methods. Solar pool heaters utilise the sun’s energy to circulate heated water throughout your pool. This is why it is so cost effective. Solar pool heating systems work by pumping the pool water through a series of tubes that are connected to solar panels, often located on your roof. The solar panels use the sun’s heat energy to warm the pool water and distribute it back into the pool.

How much does it cost to install and operate solar pool heating?

The cost of purchasing and installing solar pool heating is dependent on the following factors:

  • The size of the pool? Larger pools will require more solar panels.
  • Will you use a swimming pool cover/blanket in conjunction with solar pool heating?
  • Where will the solar panels be placed? Will they be covered by shade at certain times of the day?
  • What is the climate like? Cooler areas may require more solar panels.
  • If the solar panels will be secured to your roof, is the roof pitch effective? Is the roof colour effective for conducting heat?

Solar Pool Heating Solutions start at around $3,000 and can exceed $7,000 for larger pools. The larger the pool, the more it will cost. But it is important to buy the right amount of solar panels for your pool. If you buy less than what is required to lower the price, you will not receive the results you were hoping for and your solar pool heating will be less effective.

When searching for a Solar Pool Heating company, it is important to ensure that they use high quality products that are built to last. You will find that some companies are lower in price, however this is often achieved through supplying and installing products that are of a lower quality. This will then result in less effective pool heating and cost you more in the long run with maintenance and/or replacement costs.

How much does solar pool heating cost to run?

Solar power is a great solution for heating your pool as it has minimal impact on both the environment and your wallet. Once the solar panels are installed, you should expect to pay less than a dollar a day to keep your solar pool heating system running. It is a much cheaper option than gas and electric heat pumps, which can cost around $750 per year to run. A Solar Pool Heating system will generally pay for itself within two years of its installation.

Is solar pool heating worth it?

Solar pool heating not only reduces the cost of heating your pool, but also extends your swimming season, so that you can enjoy swimming beyond the summer months. It is also the most environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, as it utilises the sun’s natural energy. Therefore, using solar power to heat your pool is most definitely worthwhile for people who want to enjoy their pool for up to 9 months of the year.

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