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How to Keep Your Pool Crystal Clean This Summer

Pool parties are a classic Australian summer activity, a great way to entertain and escape from the heat. Although the more use your pool gets, the dirtier it becomes. From improperly balanced chemical levels, floating bugs and leaves, to algae infested green water, keeping your pool water clean is always tricky. That’s why we at Solartech have put together our top three tips to keep your pool water crystal clean this summer.

Maintain Chemical Levels

Maintaining an adequately sanitised and chemically balanced pool is the best method to keep your pool crystal clear. Balanced water fights off bacteria, protects your health and allows your pool to stay looking as new as possible.

Chlorine plays a vital role in keeping pool water clean; it is a highly efficient disinfectant and kills disease-causing pathogens. It is essential for everyone working with chlorine levels to have basic knowledge of how pH affects chlorine, as the combination can be quite dangerous.

Having a low pH allows chlorine to clean more thoroughly, but the pool water becomes corrosive, damaging the health of swimmers from causing dry, itchy skin, stinging ears and irritation to the eyes. In addition, low pH also impairs the pool itself, from damaging the filtration system, solar heating system, solar pool pump and deteriorates the durability of the pool’s structure, from titles, concrete, stone, etc.

On the other hand, a high pH makes pool water look cloudy because the chlorine cannot disinfect properly, which also causes skin irritation for swimmers. For best results, you should buy a water testing kit to test and balance your water’s chlorine and pH, ideally two times a week.

Eliminate Debris

Even a small number of leaves or any other debris floating in your pool is a problem. No matter how big or small the pieces are, they throw off the pools chemical balance, causing your water to go cloudy.

While skimming, brushing and vacuuming your pool is a common technique to keep your pool clean, these often take a lot of time and have to be done regularly, the best method is prevention…

The most efficient way to stay on top of your pool’s cleanliness is to install a pool covering. At Solartech, we supply Daisy Solar pool blankets and rollers, which not only act as a covering to block out trash getting into your pool, but they also deliver maximum heating, insulation, durability and value. Daisy’s commercial rollers are built tough from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel to provide years of trouble-free, reliable service and carry a 10-year pro-rata warranty.

Shock Treatment

Perhaps you haven’t used your pool in many months and have let algae build-up on surfaces, causing the water to look green and discoloured. Not to worry, you don’t need to get a new pool, the solution here is to “shock” the pool with a shock treatment, available at your local pool supply store.

Again, whenever dealing with chemicals, you must be extremely careful, read the instructions and adjust the treatment to the size of your pool. These treatments sit in the pool for 24 hours and have large dosages of chlorine and algaecide which kill off algae and bacteria. After 24 hours, you will then need to clean the pool and balance chemical levels with a testing kit.

Particularly as algae thrives in warm, humid temperatures, this summer you should be regularly maintaining your pools equipment and structure. There are special treatments which treat extra-tough algae which grows in the warmer months; this can also be found at your local pool supply store.

Regularly Keep Up with Pool Maintenance

All in all, the best method to achieve crystal clean waters is all about staying on top of your pool maintenance regularly. Pool maintenance is pretty much a full-time job, while it is challenging to keep up in summer due to more frequent use; equally, care is difficult in winter because the pool isn’t being used. It may be helpful for you to invest in solar heaters for your pool so you can get extra use out of your pool when winter comes around.

From solar pool covers, solar pool panel heaters, heat pump pool heaters, keep your family in the pool by reaching out to the Solartech team today for a FREE Solar Pool Heating Assessment. You can enjoy the many benefits of solar pool heating for the summer swimming season and beyond!

At Solartech Pool Heating, we have sold and serviced professional pool heating systems in Sydney for over 20 years. We supply and install Solar Pool Heating systems for customers nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Solution or want to learn more about extending your swimming season, then get in contact with our friendly team for a FREE Quote on (02) 9674 1900 or via email at

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