Five Environmental Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Do you want an environmentally conscious opinion to keep your pool warm? Solartech uses state of the art solar panel heaters, solar pool pumps and solar blankets for pools, installed by our trained solar pool heating experts. The best part of installing a solar water heater for your pool is that it is an environmentally conscious solution whilst being cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Five Environmental Benefits of Solar Pool Heating from Solartech are:

  1. Solar Heating uses Renewable Energy

Most modern heating systems use electricity or gas to provide heat to water; this is an expensive way to heat water and has a negative impact on our environment. Electricity and gas burn fossil fuels producing tons of carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere. Instead, solar panel heaters use the sun’s renewable energy, which can be used repeatedly as solar heating runs on a natural resource – the sun’s rays. A residential solar water heating system can drop the average family’s consumption by 50-80%.

  1. Solar Heating uses High-Quality Materials

Solartech Pool Heating Australia only uses top quality panels that are manufactured in the USA. Unlike some competitors on the market, our products do not use dated or cheap materials and are therefore replaced much less frequently. Our solar panels are built to last and therefore create less waste, as you will not need to replace our system for years to come. Our panels are made of polypropylene, a long-lasting and robust material, which makes our panels suitable to the Australian Climate and the varied requirements of Australian pool owners.

  1. Solar Heating Protects Air Quality

As stated above, most modern heating systems require the burning of fossil fuels to heat water, with these methods polluting our air and contributing to a number of negative environmental and health effects. Not only does solar heating not contribute to these effects, but it provides an alternate sustainable heating option with positive benefits for our environment.

  1. Solar Heating Takes Less Physical Space

Our solar pool heaters are small appliances using panels placed out of the way on your roof to collect solar energy. Unlike larger solar panels, our solar heating circulates water to be heated by the suns rays into your pool and contain it with magnifying bubbles in a solar pool blanket. Our solar appliances are much smaller than the traditional solar roof panels and suitable for households who do not have huge roof space available or wishing for a subtle heating option, tucked away out of sight.

  1. Solar Heating has a Socio-Economical Status

Being environmentally responsible with your household’s heating is also trending as today, people prefer solar appliances in their homes more so than ever, according to Australian Energy Council’s most recent Solar Report, studies show that homes with solar sell faster and at higher prices than those without. Thus, with Solartech our swimming pool heating options can not only increase the value of your home, but some utility companies and governments offer rebates for installing solar water heaters and other solar energy appliances in your home.

Swimming Pool Heating Prices

Swimming pool heating prices are largely dependent on the size of your pool. For example, a larger pool will need a larger solar heating unit to be most effective. That said, environmental conditions and climate will also help determine the best solar pool heating product necessary for your home. But in general, a solar pool heating system could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

If you and your family are itching to get back in the pool, then reach out to the Solartech team today for a FREE Solar Pool Heating Assessment. You can enjoy the many benefits of solar pool heating for the summer swimming season and beyond!

Where to Buy Solar Water Heater for Pool

At Solartech Pool Heating, we have sold and serviced professional pool heating systems in Sydney for over 20 years. We supply and install Solar Pool Heating systems for customers nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Solution or want to learn more about extending your swimming season, then get in contact with our friendly team for a FREE Quote on (02) 9674 1900 or via email at

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