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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Solar Pool Heater

It is important to consider the many unique characteristics of your family and home in order to choose your perfect pool heater. Such a big decision can become overwhelming, which is why SolarTech has put together the top five considerations pool owners must think about in order to select the solar-powered pool heater perfect for their family.

Once you understand the following five considerations, selecting the right swimming pool heating option should be reasonably straightforward, leaving you without regrets. The right type of pool heater will depend on several factors, including your home’s climate, the roofing of your home, how your pool is regularly used, the pool’s material and your budget.

Climate and Average Temperature

It is essential to consider if your homes specific location is suitable for a solar-powered pool heater. The average temperature has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the solar-powered pool heater.

For example, in Sydney summers, backyard swimming pools are roughly five degrees warmer than backyard swimming pools in Melbourne summers. As a result, pools in Sydney require a less intensive solar-powered pool heater. In contrast, Melbourne’s backyard pools will benefit from a larger solar-powered pool heater, or a combination of a solar pool blanket and solar pool roller from Daisy.

Although in general, solar panel heaters are not recommended for backyards that get little sun exposure or are located in areas with an extended wet season, like the areas at the most northern points of Australia.

The wind is another critical weather consideration that impacts solar panel heating, as high wind areas cause a pool to lose heat fast. Solar panel heating is still an option, but again you may benefit from using a combination of solar-powered heating methods to maintain the desired pool temperature.

But typically, in Australia, solar-powered pool heaters are the best and most popular choice of heating for pools as the technology works best in a warm and sunny climate. Solar panel heaters are more consistent throughout the year when compared to other forms of pool heating. As the power collected on hot summer days can be used in the depth of the cold winters. Solar pool pumps are also the most environmentally friendly method of heating a pool, as energy is collected from the sun and is the most cost-effective option.

Roof Considerations

At SolarTech, we have a few different solar pool heating systems options; some require available roof space to house solar panels. There are a few optimal factors to make sure a solar panel heater suits your family’s needs, including roof orientation, roof material and roof colour.

North facing roofs are the ideal roof place to provide sufficient solar panel heating, although west-facing or flat roofs can be sufficient in sunny climates. Metal and dark coloured roofs are the most solar-friendly roof material, as it retains heat and transfers heat most efficiently in contrast to other roofing options.

The amount of shade and physical obstructions covering your house will also affect the solar panel heating efficiency. You may need to add additional solar panels to collect adequate heat for your pool.

How Your Pool Will Be Used, and Who Will Be Using It

If your pool’s primary purpose is for relaxation, you will want to ensure water is heated to a comfortable temperature. In contrast, people swimming laps would require a less powerful solar-powered pool heater.

If your family only plans to use the pool in summer, a solar-powered pool heater is not as necessary. But to ensure maximum usage, a solar water heater will make your pool a better investment. Allowing you and your family to get enjoyment from your pool during the cooler months

The type of people using your pool also impacts the best solar heating option for you. A solar-powered pool heater is essential for small children and elderly individuals in order to make their swimming experience more comfortable. Solar panel heating is the most energy-efficient method of pool heating, usually increasing pool temperatures by 6-10 degrees. Even on a 20-degree day, a solar-powered pool heater will effectively heat your pool up to 30 degrees!

The Type and Size of Your Pool

The most important consideration on this list when choosing a solar-powered pool heating system depends on the type of pool you have and its unique characteristics.

As with most pool heating methods, your pool’s surface area and size will affect the best type of solar pool heating option for you. The smaller the pool, the more likely you will need a super-powerful heating system in order to effectively heat up the large area. Specifically, above ground pools tend to be smaller and usually only require a small heating system.

Concrete is a naturally cold material and does not absorb heat well, so concrete pools are generally colder and therefore require a more robust solar-powered pool heating system. Whereas fibreglass is much more effective at retaining heat, warming up pool water quickly, and consequently, the pool heating system will not need to be as powerful.

Your Budget for Swimming Pool Heating

Swimming pool heating prices are primarily dependent on the size of your pool. For example, a larger pool will need a larger solar heating unit to be most effective. That said, environmental conditions and climate will also help determine the best solar pool heating product necessary for your home. But in general, a solar pool heating system could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

If you and your family are itching to get back in the pool, then reach out to the Solartech team today for a FREE Solar Pool Heating Assessment. You can enjoy the many benefits of solar pool heating for the summer swimming season and beyond!

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