Why A Solar Pool Blanket?

Having a blanket on your pool guarantees your heating system is working to it’s full potential. By putting the blanket on at night you are trapping the heat in the pool and also ensuring you are losing very little water due to evaporation.

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Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers

Solartech Pool Heating Australia only deals in Daisy Pool Covers. We have found them to be the most superior on the market in Sydney for a few reasons:

  • Trademarked UltraDome+™ technology
  • Max heat retention
  • Eliminates 97% pool water evaporation

Years of research and development by Daisy under Australian conditions, has resulted in a technically innovative swimming pool cover design that is exclusive to Daisy.

Only Daisy solar pool blankets utilise the trademarked and award-winning UltraDome™ technology to deliver maximum heating, insulation, durability and value.

Enjoy your Daisy and pool longer!
Our unique moulding technique enables the polyethylene (PE) bubble layer to be formed in a profile that is consistent in thickness for greater strength and durability.

Commercial Pool Blankets and Rollers

Daisy’s commercial pool blankets, rollers and equipment are effective for both commercial indoor or outdoor pools in Sydney.

Daisy’s Commercial 525 pool blankets leverage Daisy’s advanced UltraDome™ technology delivering best-in-class thermal efficiency, unparalleled performance and longevity in blanket life. Its patented design and innovative manufacturing process are the hallmarks of Daisy’s quality.

ThermoTech™ Foam Pool Covers

For commercial operations Daisy offers the ThermoTech 4.5mm thick, cross linked PE (Polyethylene) closed cell Polyethylene foam pool cover.

Commercial Rollers

Daisy’s commercial rollers are built tough from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel to deliver years of trouble-free, reliable service and carry a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

All Daisy commercial rollers can be fitted with a range of proven automatic winches. They can be operated by one person and custom designed for any application.

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