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Choosing The Best Solar Pool Cover And Pool Heat Pump

Solar pool covers and pool heat pumps are some of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly solutions for heating the water in your swimming pool. If you are looking for a way to simply extend your season, meaning you will be able to swim for more months of the year, then solar pool covers and pool heat pumps are among the best options for you.

Although, prior to embarking on your solar and pool heating journey, you will have to acquire all the essential information about solar pool covers and pool heat pumps. This includes the advantages of installing a pool heat pump and solar pool cover on your swimming pool as well as how to select the best pool heat pump and solar pool cover for your needs.

Why Should I Use a Pool Heat Pump?

Having a swimming pool on your property is a lifelong dream for many people. However, swimming pools do tend to consume large amounts of energy, especially during the winter months when you are wanting to heat your pool. This can lead to excessive power bills.

Pool heat pumps are well worth the investment if you wish to avoid paying a fortune in your power bills. Here at Solartech, we work with Madimack pool heat pumps. What’s great about Madimack pool heat pumps is that they are specially designed and made to combat Australian climates. Plus, they are lightweight, easy to install and are very compact when it comes to storage purposes. Madimack pool heat pumps are very reliable and are a great addition to any pool.

Madimack Pool Heat Pump


How To Choose The Best Pool Heat Pump

When selecting the best pool heat pump for your pool, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration – the type of pool you own and the size of the pump that you require. The size of the solar poop pump you choose will be dependent on the size of your pool, how fast the water is recycled through the pump and the resistance the pool pump must overcome. Although, when it comes to our Madimack pool heat pump range, there is no pool too big or too small for a Madimack pump. We can safely say that Madimack heat pump pool heaters are the best on the market here in Sydney, to the point we will not use another brand.

Our expert pool specialists here at Solartech are able to guide you in choosing the best option for your pool.

Benefits Of Installing A Solar Pool Cover On Your Swimming Pool

A solar pool cover not only keeps debris out of your pool but also comes with many added benefits. The main benefit of installing a solar pool cover is that it helps to retain heat in your pool. Solar blankets utilise the sun’s energy and convert it into usable heat to keep your pool warm. What’s also great is that solar pool covers can prevent evaporation up to 95%, meaning that you can save on refilling your pool. You will be surprised at how much you will be able to cut back on your utility bills with a solar cover installed.

Daisy Solar Pool Cover

How To Choose The Best Solar Pool Cover

Choosing the best solar pool cover greatly depends on your pool size, preferences and price range. Ensure you measure the size of your pool accurately, as a cover that is too small will not be totally effective in warming up your pool. A pool cover that is light in colour proves to be beneficial as it allows for the sun’s rays to penetrate the water. Furthermore, a solar pool cover that has a polyethylene bubble layer can provide greater strength and durability, and ultimately helps separate the material from the water, allowing sunlight to touch the water easier.

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At Solartech Pool Heating, we have sold and serviced professional pool heating systems in Sydney for over 20 years. We supply and install Solar Pool Heating systems for customers nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Solution or want to learn more about extending your swimming season, then get in contact with our friendly team for a FREE Quote on (02) 9674 1900 or via email at sales@solartech.net.au.

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