Causes of Pool Heat Loss and How to Prevent it

Water evaporation is the number one reason for pool heat loss, responsible for 75% of heat loss for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Although, sometimes water evaporation is confused with a pool leak, as both scenarios cause your water level to drop faster than usual; to figure out the problem, try a Bucket Test.

Evaporation occurs when the pool’s temperature is greater than the air temperature; the more significant the temperature difference, the more evaporation occurs. Although some other factors – like wind and humanity – increase evaporation and heat loss exponentially.

When looking for affordable techniques to retain pool heat, any solar energy device is the best place to start, especially because we live in sunny Australia!

Typically, in Australia, solar panel heaters are the best and most popular choice for pool heating as the technology works best in warm and sunny climates. Solar Panel Heaters are more consistent throughout the year, as the power collected on hot summer days can be used in the depth of the cold winters.

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Solar Pool Cover

A solar cover or solar blanket for pool is the most cost-effective solution to retain heat in the swimming pool and prevent pool heat loss, because the cover tackles the root cause of heat loss, evaporation.

While there are many solar covers for pools available on the market, from solar rings, liquid solar covers to solar blankets. Notably, floating rings are not a practical solution, as solar floating rings leave large gaps between each other, so debris can fall into the pool and do not retain as much heat. Eventually, the rings sink to the pool floor and can no longer be used.

Instead, the best solar pool cover is a one-piece solar blanket because this device is the most effective cover to stop debris from getting into the pool and stop heat loss. The solar blanket for pool acts like a shield, protecting the water from sporadic gusts of wind, cold rain and other forces of nature that contributes to the cooling of your pool’s water.

Not only are solar blankets a protective lid for your pool, at Solartech, our specially designed blankets also absorb solar heat, which is then transferred into the water, keeping your pool at an ideal swimming temperature. This ability reduces water evaporation from intense direct sunlight and improves heat retention.

At Solartech, we supply Daisy Solar Pool Blankets and Rollers, which not only act as a covering to block out trash getting into your pool, but also deliver maximum heating, insulation, durability and value. Daisy’s commercial rollers are built tough from marine grade aluminium and stainless steel to provide years of trouble-free, reliable service and carry a 10-year pro-rata warranty.

Investing in a good quality solar blanket for pool creates a barrier between the wind and the water surfaces, helping stop 99% of water evaporation. With outstanding thermal properties, you’ll never worry about heat loss through Solartech’s premium solar blanket for pool.

Solar Pool Pump & Solar Panel Heater

If you are looking for a rapid way to heat your swimming pool effectively and still want a cost-effective solution, a solar pool heater or a solar pool pump are the best options.

Instead of using gas or electricity, our solar pool pumps and solar panel heaters collect heat from the sun and draw warm air from the atmosphere. Contrary to common belief, our high-quality solar pool heaters produce heating for your pool all year round, regardless of whether the sun has been out that day or that week!

A Solar Water Heater for a Pool is a small appliance using panels, placed out of the way on your roof to collect solar energy. Solar panel heating is the most energy-efficient method of pool heating, usually increasing pool temperatures by 6-10 degrees. Even on a 20-degree day, a solar panel heater will effectively heat your pool up to 30 degrees!

Combining Pool Solar Heating Devices

We get it – some customers want a cheap and easy solution to heat their pool, but would you use your air conditioner or heater and leave your home’s windows open? It seems like a waste, right? Well, pool heating works the same; without a solar blanket, the heat from a solar pump can evaporate.

The most cost-effective and best-performing method of heating your swimming pool is using two or more solar heating solutions simultaneously, for example, combining a solar panel heater with a solar pool pump and a solar blanket for your pool.

A Solar Pool Pump will achieve your desired temperature, while the solar panel heater will sustain the temperature, and the solar blanket will shield the water from outside elements.

A solar pool pump works most efficiently on cloudy days and during sun-less nights, while a solar panel heater works best on sunnier days to maintain the solar pool pump’s hard work.

Working together, the multiple solar heating systems will easily keep your pool at your desired temperature around the clock. You can still feel guilt-free even if you use multiple devices, as this form of Solar Heating is Environmentally Friendly.

What is the Most Cost-Effective Prevention for Pool Heat Loss?

Swimming pool heat pump prices are primarily dependent on the size of your pool. For example, a larger pool will need a larger solar heating unit to be most effective. That said, environmental conditions and climate will also help determine the best solar pool heater product necessary for your home. But in general, the solar pool heater cost could go from anywhere between $3,000 to $7,000.

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