3 Ways Solar Pool Heating Improves Health

While the best benefit of owning a solar heat pump is quick and effective hot water to swim in, extending the use of your pool during the off-seasons. In contrast to other pool heating methods, solar heat pumps have more unique benefits to individuals due to their incredible health benefits, eco-friendly sustainability, and cost-effective values. No wonder solar pool heating is the most widely selected option for Australian pools!

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Causes of Pool Heat Loss and How to Prevent it

Water evaporation is the number one reason for pool heat loss, responsible for 75% of heat loss for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Although, sometimes water evaporation is confused with a pool leak, as both scenarios cause your water level to drop faster than usual; to figure out the problem, try a Bucket Test.

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Solar Pool Heating Cost | Solartech

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Solar Pool Heater

It is important to consider the many unique characteristics of your family and home in order to choose your perfect pool heater. Such a big decision can become overwhelming, which is why SolarTech has put together the top five considerations pool owners must think about in order to select the solar-powered pool heater perfect for their family.

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Solar Pool Heating Options | Solartech

Backyard Pools: What Are the Heating Options?

Not only do backyard pools come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but the perfect heating option for your pool depends on its make, size and age. At SolarTech, we want to ensure our customers get the most appropriate pool heating option, so let’s unpack which heater is best for your backyard pool based on its specific characteristics.

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Five Environmental Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Do you want an environmentally conscious opinion to keep your pool warm? Solartech uses state of the art solar panel heaters, solar pool pumps and solar blankets for pools, installed by our trained solar pool heating experts. The best part of installing a solar water heater for your pool is that it is an environmentally conscious solution whilst being cost-effective and easy to maintain.

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How to Keep Your Pool Crystal Clean This Summer

Pool parties are a classic Australian summer activity, a great way to entertain and escape from the heat. Although the more use your pool gets, the dirtier it becomes. From improperly balanced chemical levels, floating bugs and leaves, to algae infested green water, keeping your pool water clean is always tricky. That’s why we at Solartech have put together our top three tips to keep your pool water crystal clean this summer.

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Recent Solar News Helping You Save Money

Solar Power has become the cheapest form of electricity on the planet, deemed by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA 2020 report stated solar power is the clear leader for our future energy markets. They predicted that solar prices will continue to fall as solar electricity becomes more adopted in households. Especially in places “like India that rely heavily on coal-fired electricity where the costs of producing solar power could drop up to 65 per cent across the next two decades”. This is a game-changer.

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Solar Pool Heating System

Solar Pool Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Solartech Pool Heating has been supplying Solar Pool Systems and Solar Pool Heat Pumps for more than 20 years. Below are some common questions that we get asked on a regular basis, in relation to Solar Pool Systems and their effectiveness:

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Solar Pool Covers | Solartech Pool Heating Sydney

Solar Pool Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

Solar pool covers, also often referred to as solar pool blankets, are a purpose designed pool covering used to maintain warm pool water temperatures. A solar pool cover is a highly efficient means of heating your pool, with both environmental and economic benefits. Here at Solartech, we only use and recommend Daisy pool blankets and rollers, as we trust their effectiveness and quality.

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