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Backyard Pools: What Are the Heating Options?

Not only do backyard pools come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but the perfect heating option for your pool depends on its make, size and age. At SolarTech, we want to ensure our customers get the most appropriate pool heating option, so let’s unpack which heater is best for your backyard pool based on its specific characteristics.

What are the Different Types of Backyard Pools?

In-ground pools are the typical example of backyard swimming pools, generally made from concrete or fibreglass.

Above ground pools have become an increasingly popular option for Australian backyards, as they require no digging for installation. Above ground pools may be made from steel or resin with a vinyl interior.

If large pools are out of your budget or your backyard simply does not have enough space; a portable or inflatable pool might be best for you! Typically made from durable plastic, these pools are convenient and can be easily stored when not in use.

Particularly, small inflatable pools are the cheapest and safest option if you have small children in your house or often host parties with small children. These shallow pools can be big enough for the whole family to enjoy while the kids can practice kicking.

Which is the Best Pool Heating for your Type of Backyard Pool?

No matter what type of backyard pool you have, pool heating systems are vital as they allow you and your family to get maximum usage out of your pool.

However, with many modern advancements, there are now dozens of different heaters available. It is essential to do your research before purchasing to find out which system will be best suited to your type of pool. Mainly you will need to consider the material that your pool is made from.

Concrete is naturally a cold material, meaning it does not absorb heat, so concrete pools are generally colder. Most traditional Australian pools are made from this material as it keeps pool water cool in our hot summers. As a result, concrete pools need a more robust pool heating system.

Fibreglass is much more effective at retaining heat and warms up pool water quickly. So, a fibreglass pool heating system will not need to be as powerful.

Above ground pools tend to be smaller, so water volume will not need a super-powerful heating system. Although with most cheap models’ pool walls are thinner, so heat can easily escape from the water, cooling water quickly. Make sure you choose a high-quality above ground pool to have excellent installation so your water will retain heat as effectively as possible.

The Best Pool Heating System for Australian Backyards

Solar pool heating is the most popular choice of heating systems for pools in Australia, as the technology works best in a warm and sunny climate.

Solar heaters are more consistent throughout the year, as the power collected on hot summer days can be used in the depth of cold winters. It is also the most environmentally friendly method of heating a pool as it uses energy from the sun and is the most cost-effective option.

It is beneficial for you to invest in solar heaters for your pool so you can get extra use out of your pool when winter comes around.

From solar pool covers, solar pool panel heaters, heat pump pool heaters, keep your family in the pool by reaching out to the Solartech team today for a FREE Solar Pool Heating Assessment. You can enjoy the many benefits of solar pool heating for the summer swimming season and beyond!

At Solartech Pool Heating, we have sold and serviced professional pool heating systems in Sydney for over 20 years. We supply and install Solar Pool Heating systems for customers nationwide. If you are looking for a Solar Pool Heating Solution or want to learn more about extending your swimming season, then get in contact with our friendly team for a FREE Quote on (02) 9674 1900 or via email at

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