Solar Pool Heating

A Guide To Solar Pool Heating

Having grown to become Australia’s favourite form of pool heating, these systems have a huge range of advantages that will help you save money and get the most out of your pool. However, before you opt to install a quality solar pool heater, it’s important to have a sound understanding of these systems to make sure they’re the right solution for you. 

To simplify this research process, the team at Solartech has produced the following article, giving you all the information you need to know about solar pool heaters.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work? 

While it’s likely that you’ve encountered these systems firsthand, you may be wondering exactly how solar pool heating works. Solar pool heating is an eco-friendly process that makes use of specialised solar panels. These panels are typically mounted on your home’s rooftop, and they collect heat from the sun. These panels are connected to the swimming pool through an extensive series of tubes that carry the water of the pool to the panels. The pool water constantly flows towards the panels, and the heat they store interacts with the water before returning it to the pool at a higher temperature.

This is an efficient process that has the potential to increase the temperature of your water by as much as 10 degrees. Favourably, this is also a very environmentally friendly process, because aside from approximately 1kW of electricity being used each hour, the heating process is conducted through a renewable, and crucially free source of energy. 

Benefits Of Solar Pool Heating

If you do opt to install a solar pool heating system, you’ll encounter a huge range of benefits that vindicate your investment.

  • Cost Effective

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of pool heating, a solar heated swimming pool may be best for you. A swimming pool solar heater almost exclusively uses the energy provided by the sun, a renewable and free energy source. This ensures your energy bills don’t suffer any further following the increased price of electricity and gas that Australians are experiencing. Favourably, solar swimming pool heating typically comes with a control panel that allows you to restrict your heating to specified times, making sure energy wastage, and hence your expenses, are kept to a minimum.

Additionally, these systems also benefit from a particularly long lifetime, with many providers offering warranties of up to 10 years. While the installation of these systems can set you back between $3000 and $6000, the cost savings encountered as a result of minimal energy use will be repaid over this decade of use. Solar heating systems also require relatively minimal maintenance, with each of the solar panels and extensive tubing being produced with durability in mind given their exposure to the elements. 

  • An Eco-Friendly Heating Method

Among the most unmissable benefits of solar pool heating is its environmentally responsible operation. Making use of a natural resource with minimal energy consumption, these systems produce almost no carbon emissions when compared to their heat pump counterparts that exclusively use electricity. 

As a clean and eco-friendly alternative to traditional heat pumps, solar pool heating systems ensure your enjoyment does not come at the expense of the environment. 

  • Personalise Your Swimming Experience

One of the lesser-known benefits of solar pool heaters is the scope that they provide for customisation. Many modern solar pool heating systems offer the user the ability to set their pool heating to a specific temperature, making sure they encounter a consistent and predictable swimming experience every time. 

If you don’t currently have a pool heating system installed, you’ll know that there is only so much that the sun alone can do to heat your swimming pool. However, a solar pool heater will ensure the entirety of your pool maintains a consistent temperature, making for a more pleasurable experience. This can also be maintained for a longer period throughout the year, therefore extending your swimming season beyond the traditional summer months. 

Solar Pool Heating Installation 

It’s no secret that we Australians love the water, and backyard swimming pools are undoubtedly a staple of an Australian summer. However, the installation and maintenance of a solar pool heating system is a hugely important task, as this forms the majority of the costs encountered when using these systems. The installation process is highly specialised and any errors can be costly. Therefore, it’s essential to enlist the services of licensed professionals from the most reputable installation companies. 

Checking solar pool heating reviews is a good place to start, and it’s always advisable to opt for the most experienced providers with a great history of many successful solar pool heating installations. The most reputable specialists also tend to offer comprehensive warranties that span at least 10 years. These warranties see the installer become obligated to cover any damages that may occur, while also ensuring the system is fit for purpose and is suited to the environment in which it is installed. 

Varieties of Solar Pool Heating 

While solar pool heaters are often viewed as a singular form of product, there is indeed a number of different varieties of solar powered pool heaters. While each of these alternatives is different, they each work on the same premise. That is, they circulate water away from the pool, through the solar heated system, and back into the swimming pool at a warmer temperature. Nevertheless, by understanding the basics of each system, you’ll be able to select the variety that best suits your needs. 

  • Thermal Solar Collectors

The most familiar form of solar pool heating, thermal solar collectors centre around the use of solar panels that are typically mounted on the roof of a home. If you’re after a budget-friendly variety, a rubber-based variety may be best. These forms of solar pool heating are not the most efficient on the market, and hence, they are ideal in bright and sunny climates. In cooler climates, they are typically paired with alternative forms of pool heating to achieve warmer temperatures. 

Alternatively, if you’re after a higher-quality form of solar panelling, glazed solar connectors may be best for you. Made from a combination of more expensive materials, including toughened glass, copper, and aluminum, these products are more costly. Nonetheless, they are significantly more efficient in collecting heat, making year-round swimming a possibility for the most devoted swimmers. 

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors

If you’re looking for the best form of solar pool heating available, look no further than evacuated tube collectors. These highly efficient systems are suitable for almost all climates, and they ensure your pool is heated far more quickly than other systems can offer. If you’re after these quality solar pool heating solutions, you can however expect to pay 20%-100% more than the price of a thermal solar collector. 

However, your investment will see you receive a durable system that is made up of a vast network of relatively small tubes with two layers. A larger glass tube houses a second set of smaller glass tubes, and this creates a vacuum between the two systems which traps heat. Following this, the heat is transferred into a heat exchanger which is directly connected to the swimming pool’s water box, which then directly heats the pool water. This intricate system is suited to those after the best system available or those pool owners that live in cooler climates.

  • Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are the most budget-friendly option of the three alternatives. These systems are made from a polyethylene and have a series of uniform-sized bubbles on their surface. Solar pool covers are effective in trapping the heat within the pool, with their small air pockets transferring the heat from the sun to the water in a particularly efficient process. On the warmest days, these solar pool heating solutions can increase the water temperature between 8 and 10 degrees. 

Solar Pool Covers

These systems are also beneficial because they do not incur any ongoing costs, and their initial purchase is only in the range of $1500-$3000. Additionally, these products allow the user to cut down on their pool maintenance significantly, as they prevent the collection of debris, minimises evaporation, and reduce the necessity for continual cleaning. 

Selecting Solar Pool Heating Tips

When you are deciding whether to opt for a solar pool heating system, consider the following factors carefully. 

  • Cater To Your Climate

If you live in a relatively cool and cloudy environment, it’s important to opt for a pool heating system that caters to this. Despite their many advantages, only the best, and hence the most expensive solar pool heaters are suited to cool climates. In these instances, it may be beneficial to consider the installation of a pool heat pump that operates without dependence on the weather conditions, or alternatively, consider the installation of an evacuated tube collector system. 

  • Consider Your Budget

Regardless of the variety of solar pool heating you opt for, it’s inevitable that you will encounter a relatively high level of cost. If you do however have the capacity to install the most effective solar heaters, this is advisable as it will offer you the greatest experience. It’s also important to recognise that providers offering the cheapest solar pool heating installation may not be the most reputable providers, so make sure you select a provider that effectively combines cost-effective service with a quality installation. 

  • Assess Your Needs

Before you purchase a solar pool heating system, it’s important to consider which qualities are most important to you. If you place the highest priority on environmental sustainability and cost minimisation, a solar pool heater will best suit your needs. However, if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to swim year-round, you may wish to consider the installation of a pool heat pump

Are You Interested In Installing A Solar Pool Heater?

If you’re considering installing a solar pool heater, reach out to the friendly team at Solartech Pool Heating Australia. With many years of experience installing a wide range of solar pool heating solutions, you can rely on us for a quality installation process. We’ll always happy to answer your questions and offer you personalised advice to make sure you receive the best system that meets your needs. If you’d like to install a solar pool heating system today, contact us today at (02) 9674 1900


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