Solar Swimming Pool Heating

As technology advances, and more heating options become readily available, Solartech continues to be at the forefront of heating advancements, bringing them to Australian households with our renowned no fuss approach and friendly customer service.

Australian owned and operated, we understand Australian solar pool heating needs, and promise to only deliver the highest quality products and services in Australia.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Systems

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Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

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Daisy Pool Blankets & Rollers

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Storm Damage Service

Have you sustained damage to your solar system due to storms?

Storm damage to solar systems can cause a series of issues, such as; burst or cracked pipes, shifted systems, ‘weeping’ or considerable leaks. Strong winds and hail have been known to rip entire systems off rooves!

Solartech pool heating Australia can help – from minor repairs to full replacements, we can offer a solution.

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Want to Extend Your Swimming Season?

Living in an age of technology, means there is now more than one option when it comes to heating your pool. Solartech Pool Heating Australia will only offer you heating services we fully believe in, that’s why we offer two main options.

If you are looking to extend your swimming season, meaning you can swim a few more months of the year than we recommend solar. Solartech only uses state of the art, excellent quality panels that are installed by our trained and experienced technicians. If you would like to know more about Solar Pool Heating or want some more information on the panels Solartech Pool Heating uses, please Call us on (02) 9674 1900.

If you are looking to possibly swim all year round, or do not have the roof space available for solar panels (i.e you have Electrical Solar Panels), then your best bet would be a Heat Pump. Heat pumps are far more efficient to run than the older style gas heaters, and can make your pool warm enough to swim all year round! Solartech will only deal in Madimack Heat Pumps, as after extensive trial and error, we have found them to be the far superior option on the market. If you would like some more information on Madimack Heat Pump.

Regardless of whether you install a solar pool heating system or a pool heat pump, these fantastic pool heating options will make sure you get the most out of your pool. No matter what your needs may be, the team at Solartech can install and service your chosen pool heating system with the greatest care and expertise, ensuring you enjoy a stress-free experience.

In order to make the best use out of your swimming pool, it needs to be at a swimmable temperature all throughout the year. So yes, here at Solartech, we suggest that pool heating is often worth the investment. The type of pool heating system you choose to install should be something to consider thoroughly. From a solar pool heater to a pool heat pump or a pool blanket, our highly trained and experienced technicians are here to recommend to you which pool heating option will suit your needs best.

Solar pool heating works in the same way as traditional, grid-connected pool pumps. However, the main difference between the two is that solar pool heating harness power from the sun, not your household electricity, to circulate and filter the water in your pool. Since your solar pool heating is not grid-connected, you don’t have to worry about paying for electricity to power it. What’s great about solar pool heating is that they are environmentally friendly as solar power is a renewable form of energy, releasing zero carbon emissions.

Solartech Pool Heating Australia only uses top-quality Boss solar pool heater panels. Boss Solar’s excellent technological capabilities, procedures and high-tech equipment have resulted in a product that is of the highest repeatable standard and tolerances. Our panels will NOT break down like rubber matting or some of the other cheaper panels on the market. For your own peace of mind, we also offer a lifetime warranty on Cockatoo attacks and against splitting.

The best time to heat your swimming pool with your swimming pool heater is during the daytime. It is the most cost-efficient time to heat your pool during the day as it maximises the use of the sun’s natural heat, meaning that your swimming pool heater does not have to work as hard or run for so long in order to heat the water. 

Although, if you do tend to swim in the early mornings, heating your pool during the night may be a more suitable option for you as the pool takes several hours to warm up.

These are the primary factors to consider when choosing and pricing a pool heat pump. Keep in mind that additional factors such as shading, pool colour, indoor or outdoor pool, and wind activity can all affect the size and cost of a pool heat pump.

At Solartech, we sell Madimack solar pool pumps, which use the most advanced inverter technology available in the heat pump industry. Not only are they more efficient than other types of heat pumps, but they also harvest pure green energy from the air, which means lower operating costs and more energy savings for the client.

Compared to on/off models, a Madimack inverter pool heat pump can save up to $5000 per year, more than $1500 when compared to a gas heater, and more than $5000 when compared to an electric system. Additionally, integrating a solar power generation system can reduce your running costs by up to 100%, so no more worrying about running costs!

In general, a solar pool heating system could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000.

It is critical to regularly maintain your solar pool heater. If you use your pool regularly, you should service your solar pool heater at least once a year, as a general rule. Solar pool heater maintenance is a proactive measure that extends the life of the equipment while also ensuring its quality and functioning.

Servicing ensures that the equipment performs as it should according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This translates to more consistent energy efficiency and lower operating expenses.

Spending a little money on frequent maintenance to extend the life of your pool heater is far more cost-effective than paying a lot of money to completely restore its performance or purchasing a new solar pool heater.

A Warmer Pool Extends Your Swimming Season

A pool that utilises solar heating will make it more pleasant to swim for more months out of the year! There are several ways you can utilise solar heating for your pool, such as through solar panel heating, solar pool covers and solar blankets for your pool. Solar pool heating Sydney is a cost and energy-efficient option for the Australian climate.

Long-lasting Reliable Solar Panel Heater Systems

Solar panel heaters are long-lasting reliable systems, and they are simple and easy to use. The solar panel heating we use at Solartech is made from a material called polypropylene, which is renowned for its long-lasting nature as it is strong and sturdy. The polypropylene in the solar panelling is suitable for the Australian climate due to its durability and reliability. 

Our solar pool heating panels utilise advanced strap anchors, fluted absorber tubes, no flow restriction, over-moulded header, flexible expansion joints and header anchors, which makes our solar panels stand out in the market.

Simple And Easy To Use Solar Pool Covers & Solar Blankets

Solar blankets for pools and solar pool covers are a simple and easy way to heat your pool and help extend your swimming season. At Solartech, we utilise Daisy pool covers and rollers as they provide maximum heat retention, eliminate 97% of water evaporation and utilise trademarked ultradome+ technology.

They are extremely effective in retaining heat, especially when used in combination with a solar panel heater, as it ensures the solar panel heater is working to its full potential.

Keep Your Chlorine At The Recommended Level

In order to extend the life of your Daisy swimming pool covers, it is recommended to ensure that your chlorine levels do not surpass 3ppm (3 parts chlorine to 1 million parts water), ideally keeping it at a level of 2-2.5ppm. Increased levels of chlorine can have an impact on your swimming pool cover and can have an effect on the health department’s recommended level of sanitation that guarantees the health and safety of your family.

Run Your Filter During The Hottest Part Of The Day

Between 10am to 4pm is usually the hottest part of the day. Generally, when a filter has been installed, it is assumed that you do not have a solar pool cover, and the filter is then set up accordingly by the service person. You may be told that if you do happen to run your filter during the hottest part of the day, your chlorine will increase. In its natural state, chlorine is a gas.

Although, if you transfer it to the pool water, whether it be liquid or solid, it turns back into its natural state – a gas. It will then rise through the water and into the atmosphere. When you put a solar swimming pool cover on, the occurrence of this evaporation is not present. Rather than it rising through the water into the atmosphere, the chlorine will circulate through your pool water through your pool pump and filtration system and will continue to sanitise the water.

This means the volume of chlorine in the pool will increase, and your water’s chlorine levels will test higher. With a Daisy solar pool cover, you need to prevent this higher concentration by reducing the input of chlorine into the pool by about 50%. Either put less in (if you physically add chlorine) or turn down the amp-meter if you have a saltwater chlorinator.